Skills Employed

Custom WordPress design / development

Cutting edge, highly detailed

Easy to update / maintain for admin

Responsive / mobile friendly

Twelve automatic feeds on homepage

More Info

This is one of the oldest projects here on my portfolio, dating back to 2009 when I first heavily got into WordPress. While the design is heavily customized, this site was developed using the Avada theme, which is still one of the more popular themes out there today . So even though this site is nearly 10 years old, it would easily still be able to be updated and would view perfectly on all devices since Avada is still widely supported. One of the many reasons why we don't custom create themes or platforms that will break later down the road. We only work with the most popular and up to date software.


* The URL above is from - where old websites go to collect dust. Since this website is so old, the owner since moved onto something else therefore this website has not been updated in years. Do not expect the URL above to be functional.


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