Skills Employed

Custom WordPress design / development

Exciting animated parallax homepage!

Full screen, immersive design

Bright shapes throughout website to keep with branding

Responsive / mobile friendly

Integrated customized Google Calendar

More Info

If there is any website where I "went the extra mile" (no pun intended), it'd be Mirna's running website. With a focus being in the first scroll of the website, we wanted to create a wow effect. Mirna provided many great, high quality photos to work with. This really carries the website as you go from page to page. Probably the most important aspects of any website, besides it looking good, is how user friendly it is when updating content. Mirna can make her website updates directly from her phone. When she needs to update or add events, she simply goes to her Google Calendar app and does her thing while the website pulls that content automatically. Mirna now can spend her time running and less time managing her website!